ABOUT manley coaching

Coaching sessions are done in our office, by telephone or via ZOOM at a regular assigned time each week.  An initial discussion with the parents is recommended.

rebecca manley, coaching, body image, eating disorders
Rebecca Manley, manley coaching, coaching for girls

Dedicated to empowering girls to be their best selves.


  • Increased Self-Esteem and Personal Empowerment 
  • Improved relationships with peers 
  • Better communication skills 
  • Understanding strengths and potential 
  • Goal-setting skills 
  • Evaluating choices and understanding consequences 
  • Strategies to help conflicts with friends 
  • Learn coping skills for difficult emotions
  • Enhance social skills and deal with social pressure 
  • Learn time management and organizational skills 

​​ ...and More!

What do you get from a coach?

During the Manley COACHing  process, the teen will:

  • Receive weekly coaching sessions
  • Receive check-in texts and emails in between sessions
  • Be accountable for their weekly action commitments
  • Be accountable for the goals they commit to
  • Grow through the process of: self-learning, self-directedness, self-assessment, self-coaching, self-awareness, and self-knowledge

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